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democratic national convention all this evening. i am bill o'reilly. always remember that the spin stops right here 'cause we are definitely looking out for you.
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>> 60% of the country says you are wrong. 70% of the country says we are not better off. and governor o'malley and have you just confirmed that the individuals in our country are better off. as far as the country goes, $16 billion of debt puts us in a position where the country is worse off. so why should this guy be re-electd? the people have common sense. they know what -- hawhen obama was handed a deck of cards in 200 19, he stopped the bleed ago. >> sean: how are we better? >> we are only crowelling forward.
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>> we are better on jobs and national health care, we are better that -- we killed bin laden. >> lanny, lanny, this president, when they asked him what his grade was said he deserves an incomplete. >> the students who came in and asked for incomplete are the ones that knew they hadn't done anything all term, the one who is failed in their responsibility, the one who is didn't deliver what they were expected to deliver. and that respect, the president's right. he gets an incomplete because he's a failure. the only quick answer, john, is that barack obama's current unemployment level is disappointing for all of us. as a political issue, why is mitt romney not ahead of him in a single poll -- >> happening on. we have new poll numbers today-- wait a minute. the approval rating of the president is 40%, the lowest popularity since 1980. we know what happened that year.
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he is 46-50 with women, upside down. and romney got a five-point bounce out of his convention. >> let me ask you about leadership. bill clinton passed budgets, he was a governor, he passed budgets as a gmpl he passed budgets as a president. barack obama hasn't passed a budget. the one budget he did send down, 414-0, 97-0. if you can't get one of your own democrats to support your own budget, there is no leadership. this country needs leadership right now. >> i think the biggest disappointment for me is that president obama should have been doing the simpson-bowles deficit reduction commission that senator coburn and conservative republicans supported as did dick durbin. he's had an opportunity to do that. mitt romney opposes that and congressman ryan, the vice-presidential candidate moved against it.
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>> sean: let me move o. why would the democrats remove the term "god" from their platform? and why remove that jerusalem should be the capitol of israel at a time of such high tensions in the middle-east, especially iran? was that a good move? >> no. >> why is dick durbin running away from the platform. he said the platform doesn't count -- >> mitt romney is running against the platform. the republicans say there should be no abortion, even in case of incest and rape. that's your party platform. >> but mitt romney's position includes the exceptions and people vote for the candidate. >> therefore the platform that removes god is a stupid platform and they shouldn't have done it. i am running away from it as fast as mitt romney's running away -- >> but president obam said this is his platform. he embraces it. >> sean: bill clinton -- is he brought in to safety day, governor? >> this is president obama's
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hail mary pass. you know, bill clinton and i were old friends. we were governors together. i think he is going to wow the crowd and everybody saying, we want bill, we want bill! it may cause obama more problems. >> sean: there is deep resentment here. the line has come out this week that has been revisited that he said, reportedly to ted kennedy a couple of years ago -- and in 2008, bill clinton said that barack obama played the race card and planned it from the beginning. >> anybody watching tonight, that report is the most irresponsible compound statement , it was anonymous-- president bill clinton said that barack obama played the race card and planned it. >> bill clinton is here, endorsing barack obama for president -- >> to save obama from his failed
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record. >> he went for health care and didn't get t. barack obama get it. >> if it wasn't for hillary clinton, he would have said no a third time to get bin laden. thank goodness, hillary talked him into it. >> i think that lanny agrees with him. he wanted hillary. >> i wanted hillary to be secretary of state. she has been a great secretary of state. i was supporting her for president. but this is about the issues. >> sean: debt of $16 trillion, $139,000-plus per household. $16 trillion, barack obama said about george bush, unpatriotic and irpublic for $4 trillion in 8 years. how does he justify $four.4 trillion to this point of new debt when he said he would cut the deficit? >> i think barack obama should have endorsed the fiscal responsibility -- [overlapping dialogue] >> 90% of simpson-bowles.
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president obama said he deserves an "i" for incomplete, i think he gets an "i" for incompetence. >> this is about the policies. >> sean: we will listen to barack obama on thursday night. >> why he is supporting barack obama. it's about policies and-- i tell what you i think, this comes down to hundreds of thousands fewer americans working and $5.4 trillion in debt. gas prices are up. the economy's going to drive the election. >> i hope he will get -- style. >> sean: i have to say goodbye. we are going to listen in now. we have a lot more coming up from charlotte. but here's health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius and she delivers her address right here in charlotte.
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>> 1965 to 1967, my dad served in congress and helped pass landmark laws like the voting rights act. dad later became another great governor of ohio. but one of his proudest accomplishments was when, as a congressman, he helped to draft and pass medicare. today dad's 91 and he's a happy beneficiary of that effort to bring quality health care to every senior citizen. president obama is building on that legacy by bringing quality and secure health care to every american. i was governor of kansas when mitt romney was governor of massachusetts. now, many of us watched in amazement -- envy even -- as he passed a universal health care law in his state. well republicans may see romneycare as a scarlett letter.
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but for us democrats, obamacare is a badge of honor. because, no matter you who are, what stage of life you are in, this law is a good thing. first, if you already have insurance you like, you can keep it. insurance companies can no longer refuse to cover americans with pre-existing conditions. that's what exchange looks like. more than 5 million seniors have already saved monotheir prescription drugs. and almost 33 million have benefitted from free preventive services. the president has cracked down hard on medicare and health care fraud, recovering a record-breaking $10.7 billion over 3 years, protecting our senior citizens. that's what change looks like. this law gives tax credits to 360 small businesses so they can give their employees health
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coverage. and in an array of affordable private insurance plans to choose from, that's what change looks like. if you're self-employed, between jobs or can't get insurance through work, you will have access to affordable health insurance, as good as congressman paul ryan's. that's what change looks like. if you are under 26, you can stay on your parents' plan, you can go back to school or get extra training without fear of a health catastrophe, bankrupting your entire family. over 3 million previously uninsured young adults are now on their parents' plan. that's what change looks like. under obamacare, insurance companies can no longer discriminate against women. now, before, some didn't even cover women's most basic health
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needs, like contraception and maternity care, but charged 50% more than men per a worse planful they said women who had c-sections or survived breast cancer or even domestic violence had a pre-existing condition and would deny them coverage. but this president made it illegal to discriminate against women. and ended the practice of insurance companies charging women higher premiums than men for the same coverage. the president insured women's free access to preventive services like breast cancer screenings. so the good news is, being a mother is no longer a liability. and being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition. now, that's what change looks like. today, nearly 13 million americans, including some of you in this hall, are experiencing
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something remarkable. instead of senning your checks to your insurance companies, your insurance companies are sending a check to you, over $1 billion out this year alone. because if insurers don't spend at least 50% of your premium dollars to your health care, you get a refund. that's what change looks like. now, vispent my career fighting the worst practices of insurance companies. i know how tough it is to stand up to powerful forces that prey on consumers. governor romney and paul ryan know how tough it is, too. that's why they won't do it. but let insurance companies continue to cherry-pick who gets coverage and who gets left out, priced out or locked out of the market, president obama is making sure that everyone from cancer survivers to children with asthma get the care they need. what is miss from this
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romney/ryan plan for medicare -- is medicare! so instead of a medicare guarantee, republicans would give seniors a voucher that limits what's covered, costing seniors as much as $6400 more a year. president obama extended the program's life by 8 years by improving senior benefits and strengthening the medicare guarantee. the president guarantees, there should be no vouchers. romney and ryan will take away women's basic health services and turn a blind eye to insurance discrimination. president obama stands up for women, giving us control over our own health care. romney and ryan would put insurance companies back in control. now barack obama was raised by kansas women. i know kansas women.
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[cheering] >> they taught him the values of hard work and responsibility and fairness. that's why president obama believes that if you work hard and play by the rules, you deserve the security of health care. governor romney, congressman ryan and the republican colleagues say it's everyone for themselves. and that's fundamentally the choice in this election. between republicans who only fight for the favored few or a president who fights for the middle class, between a nation whose politics play on the worst of our fears and a nation whose law reflects the best of our values, 47 years ago, my dad watched president johnson sign medicare into law. that day, president johnson said, few people have the courage to stake reputation and position and the effort of a lifetime on such a cause when there are so few that share it.
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president obama is one of those people. a leader with uncommon compassion and uncommon courage, he's earned more than our gratitude. he has earned four more years! >> sean: that was health & human services secretary sebelius. taking the stage, the former chief of staff, chicago mayor rom emanuel. rahm emanuel. >> good evening! from president obama's hometown of chicago -- [cheering] it's my honor to speak to you about the president i served.
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i want to tell you what i saw up close, while serving our president in a time of crisis. about the values he leans on and the voices he listens to. when president obama entered the white house, the economy was in a free-fall. the auto industry on its back, the banks, frozen up. more than four million americans had already lost their jobs. and america's bravest, our men and women in uniform were fighting for what soon would be the longest war in our history. you remember the uncertainty and the fear that seized our country. on that first day, i said, mr. president, which crisis do you want to tackle first? he looked me in the eye with that look he usually reserved just for his chief of staff...
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rahm, we were sent here to tackle all of them, not choose between them. there was no -- [applause] >> there was no blueprint or how-to manual for if i can a global financial meltdown, an auto crisis, two wars and a great recession, all at the same time. believe me, if it existed, i would have found it. each crisis was so deep and so dangerous. any one of them would have defined another presidency. we faced a once-in a-generation moment in american history. fortunately for all of us, we have a once in a generation president. [cheers and applause] and in those uncharted waters, i saw where the president finds his north star. every night, president obama
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reads 10 letters from everyday americans. when i met with the president at the end of each day, he made sure he had their letters to read at hisletters from people g for someone in power to understand their struggles. i can't tell you how many times, whether we were discussing the economy, health care, or energy crisis, the president walked to his desk, take out one of the letters and read them to us and say, this is who we are fighting for -- parents working hard to save for their child's education, middle-class americans, fighting tooth and nail to hold on to there jobs, homes or life savings. it is their voices that president obama brings to the oval office. it is their values i saw him fight for every day. in the first month in office, he fought for the american recovery
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act to cut taxes for the middle class, to put people to work, building america's road, rails and runways. and today, our economy has gone from losing 800,000 jobs a month to adding 4 1/2 million private-sector jobs in the last 29 months. things are slowly but surely improving and never again will americans pay the bill for wall street's excesses. in case we forgot, that was a change we believed in, that was a change we fault for, that was a change that president obama delivered. president obama took office knowing full well that for the last century, presidents had tried to reform our health care system. today, because of president obama's courage, kids can stay on their parents' plan until they are 26. insurers can't kick you off your
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policy because you have a pre-existing limit. they won't be able to deny you because you have a pre-existing condition. because of president obama's leadership, every american will have access to affordable, quality health care. that was a change we believed in. that was a change we fought for. that was the change that president obama delivered i saw the president make the tough calls in the situation room. and today, our troops in iraq have finally come home. so america can do some nation building, here at home. that was a change we believed in, that was a change we fought for. that was a change president obama delivered. i remember when the president received a report that the auto industry had a few weeks before its collapse. we met in the roosevelt room, late into the night. some of the president's advisers
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said that in order to save general motors, you had to let chrysler go under. others said, it's like throwing good money after bad. among all the experts, there were only guesses and nobody put it at better than a 1 in 4 shot. only the president suggested going all in to save the industry and the jobs. rising above all the voices in washington, president obama listened to the voices that mattered to him most, the voices of the auto workers in the communities that depended on them, just like the voices of the steel workers and the communities on the south side of chicago, where he worked earlier in his career. president obama -- to president obama, they weren't just companies that needed a loan. they were communities that needed a leader to stand up for
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them. and because president obama made the right choice, over 1 million americans are still working today. the american auto industry is not just surviving, it is thriving. [cheers and applause] >> where mitt romney was willing to turn his back on akron, dayton and toledo, ohio; the president said, i got your back. that was a change we believed in. that was a change we fault for. that was a change that president obama delivered and in those first few months, the president worked to put accountability into our children's schools with race to the top, so that every child has an education that measures up to their full potential. he was willing to demand change and embrace reform. the president never changed his views to suit the moment, or the audience. and that is also a measure of leadership.
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every challenge was different. every choice was difficult. but every time, the leadership was steady. now, the one thing i know with absolute certainty, having served two great presidents, is that in the next four years, an unforeseen crisis, challenge or conflict is going to show up and seize this country. whose leadership, whose judgment, whose values do you want in the white house when that crisis lands like a thud on the oval office desk? that's right -- a person who said in four words -- let detroit go bankrupt. or a president who had another four words -- not on my watch! [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> a person who believed in giving tax cuts to the most fortunate or a president who believes in making college affordable for all americans.
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a person who wanted to keep don't ask/don't tell or a president who believes that who you love should not keep you from serving the country you love. believe me, having served two great presidents, when the fog of uncertainty that surrounds a crisis storms into the white house, and all the advisers and chiefs of staff have only guesses and hedges to offer the president, it will be the president's leadership that determines how we as a nation meet the challenges challenges e the middle class. it is the president's values that shape the future in which the middle class has hope, the person who takes the oath of office in the next four months will shape not just the next four years, but the next 40 years of this great nation. and these next four years, we need proven leadership, proven judgment and proven values. america needs four more years of barack obama! thank you.
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and god bless you! [cheers and applause] >> sean: we continue live from the democratic national convention. we are in charlotte, north carolina. we will be joined next by bill richardson, the former "west wing" actor and others to give us a preview of the michelle obama upcoming speech. stay here as "hannity" continues from charlotte, live. if you have copd like i do,
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does breathing with copd weigh you down? ask your doctor if spiriva can help.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." >> we are coming to you live from charlotte, north carolina. as we kick off the first major night of speeches at the dnc, i am joined by bill richardson, who will give us a preview of coming days. governor, good to see you. how are you? >> good to see you. >> sean: staying out of trouble? >> staying out of trouble. >> sean: here's the 47 million americans that are on food stamps. do you think they have enjoyed the last four years? the one in six americans in poverty? 25 million unemployed? it is not only are we better off -- are they enjoying this four-year period of obama? >> look, the economy's in trouble. people are hurting.
6:30 pm
there is no question about that. the president acknowledges that. but you know, sean, when he came into office, 800,000 americans were losing theirions per month. there are 4.7 million new jobs that have been created. i know the economy is hurting. but what this president wants to do is from the middle out, bolster the economy, in terms of middle class, for the worker. he's a pro-growth democrat. he wants to create jobs, save the auto industry. he gave us what i think is a good health care plan. internationally, he decimated al qaeda. he took out bin laden. he has had free trade agreements. he has been a president that has brought the international community together in the arab spring-- the arab spring is a disaster. now the muslim brotherhood's in charge. they are meeting with the iranians. let's stop on the economy.
6:31 pm
because it really comes down to -- he says that george bush was unpatriotic and irresponsible -- his words in july of 2008, for $4 trillion in debt in 8 years. here we are on this very night, the country has $16 trillion in debt, $5 trillion in obama in 3 1/2 years. we have a net loss of jobs. hundreds of thousands fewer americans working than when he took office. that's not the guy who said he would cut the deficit in half and get people working with shovel-ready jobs. >> no. >> sean: so he failed, didn't he? >> no! what you will see in the speech is a path forward. what he wants to do about creating jobs. he will talk about energy. heel talk about immigration, about technology, about creating jobs, about training. he is going to talk about how he, as a president is going to govern in the next four years-- wasn't that in the speech
6:32 pm
four years ago -- his word, not mine? he would cut the deficit in half, $5.4 trillion later. he said, pass my stillulous or woe face a catastrophe. i will create shovel-ready jobs. >> he got no help from republicans-- wait a minute. two years, democratic congress, house and senate. >> he passed a major health care bill and a stimulus, ooze a governor, it helped me. teachers and firefighters kept their jobs? >> fewer americans working. he said the shovel jobs were not so shovel ready. >> unemployment heads gone down-- unemployment is 8.3% when he came into office, it was 7.8%. i think you are going to see this president talk about bringing the country together, about bipartisanship. it is up to the other side, also, sean. i think it makes no sense to cast blame.
6:33 pm
i would like to see that bipartisanship come back that we used to have in the house of representatives, in the clinton years. i think there is a possibility that the voters are going to send the message that everybody running -- congress, the senate, the presidency -- that they wantitous come together. >> sean: let me go back. i am not trying to harp on one point. but to me, this is very key, in terms of does the president deserve re-election. he promised to cut the deficit in half. he had nancy pelosi in the house and harry reid, got the budget passes, stimulus and health care bill passed and the economy by every objective -- median income was $55,000 and it's $50 today. now gas is $3.78. when he took office, the national debt was $10.6 trillion. today, it is past 16 trillion. we have lost hundreds of
6:34 pm
thousands fewer americans working. you know, stephanie cutter said by every measure, things are better. i read this, by every measure things are worse and after four years, his policies didn't work. tell me why we should believe him this time? >> the american people like him. they believe in him. they trust him. that confidence factor is very evident in poll after poll. i think what he is going to say is this: we need to come together and these are my plans. but he will have to get help from republicans. that's want happening. this has been -- i saw that republican convention in tampa, sean. >> sean: i was there. >> it was negative! >> sean: i have been waffing this tonight t. has been -- [overlapping dialogue] >> it's positive. >> sean: did you see the lady from planned parenthood? it wasn't that positive. let me ask thu. you talked about the president's
6:35 pm
plar popularity, i would agree. gallup now has him down to 43%, abc news, the lowest pre-convention popularity of any president since 1980, he is down 7 points among women and romney got a five-point popularity bounce in the polls. >> look, there are a lot of polls. i can give you other polls going the other way-- you brought them up. >> the key will be the battleground states, states like new mexico. states like arizona, states like colorado, nevada, pennsylvania, ohio, florida. the president in those states, i think is still ahead. those are going to be the state, especially those hispanic states that i think are going to be decisive, sean, because a very strong anti-immigrant policy by the other side. you are going to see. >> sean: what do you mean,
6:36 pm
anti-immigrant -- i don't want to get off on a discussion here, if people enforce the law, how is that anti-immigrant? my grandfather came here at the early turn of the last century with $40 in his pocket. he came here legally. is it wrong to ask the people to come legally? >> no. but it is wrong to usurp the federal power, the constitution, as arizona did, and take a position that is in contrast-- the federal government wasn't enforcing the law. >> which was racially profiling. the supreme court has turned that down. i think we are a nation of laws. winge we need comprehensive imfwraigz, a plan that says to the 12 million, have you to earn a path forward to legalization. we have to enhance border security. we have to penalize those-- let me ask you this, was it wise for the democratic party in 2004 in their platform, god was meptionzed seven times. last year, the word god-given potential was removed from this
6:37 pm
platform. and jerusalem being israel's capitol was removed. it is getting a lot of play. was that a wise decision by the democratic party? >> i was chairman of the platform committee t. doesn't mean that much. i think the republicans will tell you the same thing. but if you look at the god language, if you look at the democratic, there is a lot of faith-based language, the importance of faith. i think it is the strongestfaitf platform. >> sean: does god-given potential was removed, down from seven mentions in 2004, one mention in 2008, god is out -- >> no. this is the party of faith, the democrats. i don't think that's going to be an issue. >> sean: you don't think it's an issue to say that jerusalem shouldn't be the capitol of israel -- >> sean, the united states is for a two-state solution. the united states wants to see the israelis and palestinians
6:38 pm
come together. this is what this president wants to do. we have the strongest platform -- you heard today, all of the accolades to the president for his stance with israel. he is the most pro-israel president we have ever had-- bemplg min netanyahu would not say the same. >> all right, buddy. >> sean: thank you. >> sean: one of the few democrat who is will talk to me. so i had to be very nice to you. first lady mishally obama -- michelle obama is coming up. we will check in with former "west wing" actor. is hollywood abandoning obama? that's coming up from the democratic national convention in charlotte. it's "hannity."
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we are coming live from the time warner cable arena. we near charlotte, north carolina. later, the first lady of the united states, michelle obama will address the delegates. but first, i am joined by the star of the "west wing" how are you? >> how are you?
6:42 pm
the limousine drivers are not here. they lecture, we can't ride our suvs, but they are flying around in jets. >> i am asking, where's my jet you? are accusing me of being a hollywood liberal, where's my jet you? >> are a liberal, you don't deny that? >> yeah. >> sean: i'm a conservative. >> i know. viheard that. >> sean: abc news has a poll, 69% of the country are saying that america's on the wrong track, on the eve of this convention. why do you think people feel that way? >> they said that america's on the wrong track as of when? >> sean: just came out today. >> did they ask when did we start going on the wrong track? or it happens to come up yesterday? >> sean: let me guess, you are going on blame george bush and kiosks and the tsunami. at what point does bottom -- does barack obama get blamed for the economy?
6:43 pm
>> i am not a surrogate for barack obama, which is i didn't am not going to speak well. i think the one issue i have with barack obama is that he didn't realize he was in a street fight until just recently-- he is the guy who said inent are between the 08, they bring a knife, we bring a gun. >> but he should have actually done that. >> sean: what do you mean by a gun? amount of a pop gun-- a verbal. liberals will take that the wrong way. we conservatives are not as sensitive. >> from my perspective, he made an attempt to create a coalition to create a bipartisan effort -- you? >> are kidding me, right? >> i am not. i am saying from my perspective and that he was met with a full-on oppositional -- no, we are not going to be part of this and didn't take off the gloves. >> sean: for the first two years, he didn't reach tout any republicans. he had a super majority in the house and senate. he got --
6:44 pm
>> [inaudible]. >> why aren't they made to actually do the filibuster like jimmy stewart? they have to get up there and figure out something to say for 24 hours? >> sean: i am with you. >> there is no filibuster. >> sean: we agree. >> but it's a matter of perspective, obviously. >> sean: but here's the question. here's the question. i have to ask you this. we have had 25 million un- and under-employed american, 47 million on food stamps, one in six americans in poverty. he said he would cut the debt in half, $5.4 trillion later, this country's going bankrupt. longest period of long unemployment since the great depression. he said he would fix this. has he fixed this? >> okay. no. clearly, my position is, don't jump down my throat -- i don't
6:45 pm
know see the math where this is fixable without a long-term plan in motion. we have a growing deficit. we have lower taxes, we have three wars, a war in iraq which is winding down and a war in afghanistan and the war on drugs has been going on for -- for decades -- let me finish this off -- which is bankrupting our treasury. and at the same time, trying to lower taxes -- where is the math where that is going to be fixed? >> sean: reagan 21 million new jobs, fewer people -- >> what. >> sean: the top marginal rates from 70 to 28%, 21 million americans went back to work -- remember -- >> are rates lower today than they were under reagan? no. >> the rates are lower now-- no, they are want.
6:46 pm
>> yes, they are. >> sean: if you look at -- you live in l.a. or new york? >> i live in los angeles. >> sean: if you live in new york, you pay federal, state, local, county, property taxes, if you live in new york and own something, you are paying 55% what have you make for the government. what president obama is trying to do is say, we will take from the rich and redistribute wealth. that's what he has done the last four years i. how are you going to stop the deficit bleeding unless you raise revenue-- when you get people off government dependency, you stimulate the economy -- >> here's your problem-- you don't want to hear my answer i. i am going to tell you. >> sean: you are not listening. >> i have been listening for a long time. >> we are in an upshed down pyramid. there was a time when it worked because the workforce on the bottom was supporting those on the top. we are upside down. so without raising revenue from the wealthy who can afford
6:47 pm
twhere does the revenue come from? >> sean: i will get it from obama's government and the labor department. and the irs. the top 10% pay 70%, the bottom 50% pay zero, zero federal income tax, nothing and obama uses class warfare -- >> i have seen-- after four years -- [overlapping dialogue] >> he wants to try to raise mony? >> after four years, we have hundreds of thousands fewer americans working -- no shovel-ready jobs. >> i don't know that that is accurate. >> sean: that's all accurate. >> from what i have seen, there is a growth in the job-- fewer net americans working. the worst jobs record. >> and 8 years previous to this -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: it's bush's fault? >> yes. >> sean: four years and it's bush's fault. >> three war, unaccountable robbing of the treasury. >> sean: what do we hold him responsible.
6:48 pm
>> how is he going to pay for those wars ?a? >> sean: bush is gone four years. when wee do we hold obama responsible? >> give obama 8 years. >> sean: he gave us $5.4 -- >> you gave bush 8 years to ruin the country, give obama 8 to fix it. >> sean: he said he would cut the deficit in half in the first term. he gave us the biggest deficit ever in history. >> wasn't it ronald reagan who reached the first billion-dollar deficit? [overlapping dialogue] >> raising taxes, by raising taxes. >> sean: you know what -- it's like when i talk to the obama guys, you are like zombies. he didn't cut the deficit, he said he would, why does he deserve another term. >> bush said he wouldn't raise taxes, he raised taxes.
6:49 pm
>> sean: where are the shovel-ready jobs -- he promised he would create jobs, spenning the stimulus money, shovel ready. hundreds of thousands fewer americans working. is he responsible? or diswlaiz bush's fault? >> i think that the stimulus package and the recovery act definitely created jobs that-- where? >> well, i see it every day, when i am driving in los angeles. i see construction. there is infrastructure-- 8.3%. >> if you do not rebuild infrastructure, you can give the wealthy all the tax breaks in the world. but if their trucks can't cross a bridge that has collapsed, their business will fall apart. have you to rebuild infrastructure to rebuild business. >> sean: we will never agree. i will watch you on broadway. >> we will find something to agree on. >> sean: it will take a couple of centuries. >> come on broadway and say hi. >> sean: "hannity" continues live at the democratic national
6:50 pm
convention as we continue to monitor the voting. we're awaiting the first lady obama's remarks we will have a much-anticipated preview of the speech, as we continue from charlotte. [♪...] >> announcer: with nothing but his computer, an identity thief is able to use your information to open a bank account in order to make your money his money.
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[whoosh, clang] you need lifelock, the only identity theft protection company that now monitors bank accounts for takeover fraud. lifelock: relentlessly protecting your identity. call 1-800-lifelock or go to today. r2 [ mission:
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impossible theme plays ] target acquired. check. check.
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rjcheck. check. target in the pool. squeaks ] no! there's my angel. make u:oupervised pool access an impossible mission. >> sean: welcome back to the democratic national convention. this is "hannity." we are in charlotte, north carolina. in a few short minutes, first lady, michelle obama will deliver her speech. as we await the first lady, here with a preview of her remarks, our fox news contributor, nikita jackson and angela mcglowan. >> good it see you. >> sean: i got you to laugh before we came on the air. i said, maybe this will be the
6:54 pm
second time in her adult life she's proud of her country. >> only in america is her story possible. this is someone who grew up on the south side of chicago. she's from a working middle-class background, working very hard all of her life and look at her now -- first lady of the united states, harvard law graduate. come on. >> sean: vinothing but admiration for her personal life. it's her political views. she did say, for the first time in my adult life, i am proud of my country. >> people know, public service sacrifice is know a career. she is supporting her husband. but she is not talking about the fact that close to 47 mem million people are collecting food stamps and 23 million people are out of jobs and i hope she doesn't say what the secretary of agriculture said that food staffs are good for our economy. she won't talk about her husband's failed policies. what she will try to do is--
6:55 pm
go ahead. >> i think she will talk about the fact that she and her husband -- [inaudible] you look at the pel grant that paul ryan would like to cut, you know, she would have had a million people -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: aren't there bigger issues? >> college graduates have to move back home because they can't find a job. >> absolutely. but that's not -- >> blaming bush. >> no, no, no, no. i am blaming a system that is not working for many people, that president obama has to deal with president bush has had to deal with it-- can i interject for a second? we have four years. we have fewer americans working, $5.4 trillion in debt, $16 trillion in debt overall. what is -- how are we better off as a country? how are the people chronically
6:56 pm
unemployed? those who are in poverty and food stamps? the numbers are increasing. >> i can't believe i am hearing republicans talk about poverty and you want to do something about it -- >> the job and it is economy. >> republicans want to get people to -- >> please! >> give them a house? it's our money. >> no, no -- >> people who do work. >> we have to have a transformative conversation. number 1, we need to be celebrating the first lady and her narrative, as i celebrated ann romney last week. >> i celebrate the first lady as well. >> what i want to do is have a real discussion on how we are going to get 100 million americans-- it's interesting how president obama said about president bush that he was irresponsible and unpatriotic for $4 tril globe debt in 8 years. he has $5.4 trillion in debt in years.
6:57 pm
d 16 trillion. my point is, he has given us more debt than any president in the history of this country. >> let me tell you what your problem is i. 4 million people have filed for bankruptcy. >> and because of the economy that was left in 2008. dr. king talked about structural problems we have in america -- oh, no. no, no [overlapping dialogue] >> no, no. i didn't want to do that. no. i have not done that. >> family i. i have not interrupted you. >> family median income in bush's 8 years went down $1,000, with president obama, median income has gone down $4,000. >> angela -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: what happened in the last four years. >> the problems that i think this administration has had,
6:58 pm
that they had not adequately-- wait a second. >> they need to go on. as fdr said, we have lost a few jobs here. we are having tough times, he would not-- this is the worst economy -- [overlapping dialogue] >> the stimulus plan. >> economists cannot say we are in a depression. i live on the south side of chicago-- what has obama done to fix it. >> not a dad-gum thing. >> i want to see -- >> i have not done that. may i speak, please? >> during the bush administration, the last two years of the bush administration, democrats were in control. nancy pelosi was the best speaker of the house, she gave
6:59 pm
president obama -- [laughter] >> she gave president obam everything he asked for, everything. his health care bill, his jobs plan. $26 billion state stimulus. we are still not better off. >> you want to know why? because we have more than the majority of americans -- >> no, no-- before we go -- >> we are willing to spend $1 million on a soldier. >> sean: this is the most incredible display of jewelry i have ever seen. it is interesting, you are wearing blue and you are wearing red. >> there you g. >> my sorority colors. >> the democratic party switched in 1993, she gave me this ring. >> sean: she gave that you ring. >> i will never make either one of you mad. those rings -- >> speaking of violence. what are you doing? >> sean: i am an altar boy, don't worry. >> you are. i want america to know that. >> sean:

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